Philip Kotler’s Marketing 4.0 Review

When I was studying in university, Philip Kotler was such a super master in marketing field. The books he wrote are almost the basic textbooks of business school. Since he occupied such a special position in the traditional marketing field. Therefore, I always expect to read some specific INSIGHTs and see if there’re some new inspirations or fresh ideas from him.

However, after reading this book, I feel a little bit disappointed. The reasons behind are as following:

1.   Although the subtitle of the book is “moving from traditional to digital”, I found Philip may still stay in the “traditional” era, the “digital” part is quite theoretic and fragmented. I could guess he may not have a 360 degree real execution experiences in the digital part to result in the situations.

2.   AIDA, 4A, 5A?? Those status terms are not so significant in the real world execution. You could treat it as a framework of customer journey at most. If you are just graduated from university, treat this idea as a basic fundamental concept is fine. Seeking something more profound is preferred rather than some alphabet terms. 

3.   Omnichannel marketing is the best part in this new marketing book. However, in practices, it’s quite difficult to realize that. I barely read any case study or good practices on this part so far even out of this book. If it’s not easy to implement, it may just be a concept or theorem again rather than a execution guide .

What do I expect originally before I read this book?

1.   The steps or practices of “how transform or integrate from traditional and digital” in a 360 degree perspective. A real case or steps to do that will be great. 

2.   Even it mentions a lot of “customer centric” ideas, the service design for customer experience optimization is still in a very basic level.

3.   In the end, Philip mentioned “WOW” effect. It’s quite critical for a brand awareness and market beak through. I think every single brand or enterprise is always looking for this “WOW” for their products or services. However, the problem is it’s so tough to find a recipe of a “wow” , what’s the right ingredients or steps to do that?   

If I could read those topics above in “Marketing 4.1” or “Marketing 5.0” , it may lift my rating of this book.

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