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​About JCXO

CXO = Customer Experience Optimization

​JCXO = Best Partner of Optimizing CX & Explore an Innovation of Future

Foodpanda changes  eating behaviors ; ZARA changes dressing behaviors ; Airbnb changes traveling behaviors ; Uber changes transportation behaviors; Coursera change educational behaviors ; NETFLIX  changes entertainment behaviors.

Are you curious how those unicorn start-ups find the recipe of innovation by changing CX ?

Here is the Answer:

Make use of service design architecture (Based on  IDEO "Design Thinking") & find out a practical consultant like JCXO, this is an achievable target for every single enterprise 。

JCXO help brands to explore and dig out the Moment of Truth (MOT) &  Wow! that fitting customers' expectations,

 唯有說出故事,才能做出改變 !!

About Jess


 Jess Wu  

 Senior  Consultant

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- Jess focuses on Internet, MarTech & Service Design fields for over 20 years. He has the tremendous high level executives' experiences in a start-up company as well as a lot of listing global companies of Taiwan (Advantech , Clevo & ATEN) & USA(SUN Micro). During those periods he was working for global listing company, he was also in charge of global brand operations, the territories are including : Greater China, South East Asia, Europe, USA .

- Jess is also an author of a hot-selling digital marketing book in Taiwan, "Inbound Marketing".

- Jess is used to  analyze a business through 3 main angels : Business Intelligence, Martech and Design Thinking. This kind of fusion makes him to explore a business innovation and growth opportunity in a more diversified way.- Now, Jess is a senior consultant(coach) of data analytics, ecommerce, Martech;