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2020 年的 Covid-19 肆虐全球,造成了所謂的新常態( New Normal ),不論是新創企業、擴張企業與成熟企業,不論外在與內在,都面臨的一個成長困境,也是必須深入思考與解決的問題。

JCXO  傑析極佳管理顧問  定位為​以「成長」Growth  為核心的全方位企業智庫。協助新創企業、擴張企業與成熟企業依據不同的定位與情境,尋找在成長的路上,可能遭遇的問題或困境。推演三套成長菜單,並擬定行動方案。 

當然,在成長的路上,成熟企業與新創企業、擴張企業的互補也相當重要,JCXO  傑析極佳期望也在不久的將來,扮演創新市集 (Innovation Marketplace)的角色,積極媒合創新需求與供給,不論是在技術或是資金的面向。



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 Jess Wu  

 Senior  Consultant

- Jess focuses on Internet, MarTech & Service Design fields for over 20 years. He has the tremendous high level executives' experiences in a start-up company as well as a lot of listing global companies of Taiwan (Advantech , Clevo & ATEN) & USA(SUN Micro). During those periods he was working for global listing company, he was also in charge of global brand operations, the territories are including : Greater China, South East Asia, Europe, USA .

- Jess is also an author of a hot-selling digital marketing book in Taiwan, "Inbound Marketing".

- Jess is used to  analyze a business through 3 main angels : Business Intelligence, Martech and Design Thinking. This kind of fusion makes him to explore a business innovation and growth opportunity in a more diversified way.- Now, Jess is a senior consultant(coach) of data analytics, ecommerce, Martech;