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CXO = Customer Experience Optimization

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  • Foodpanda changes people's eating behaviors | ZARA changes people's dressing behaviors


    Airbnb changes people's travel behaviors | Uber changes people's transportation behaviors


  • Coursera changes people's education behaviors | NETFLIX  changes people's entertainment behaviors

Are you curious how those unicorn start-ups find the recipe of innovation by changing CX ?

Here is the Answer:

Make use of service design architecture (Based on  IDEO "Design Thinking") &

find out a practical consultant like JCXO, this is an achievable target for every single enterprise 


Help brands to explore and dig out the Moment of Truth (MOT) &  Wow! that fitting customers' expectations,

Define product/service insights, realize innovation milestone,

adjust business model, double your revenue and customer satisfactions. 


About Jess

 Jess Wu  

 Senior Service Design Consultant

  • IDEAL:Jess focuses on Internet, MarTech & Service Design fields for many years. He always has an ideal : he would like leverage his valuable experiences and knowledge to many other start-ups or brands to assist them in realizing the digital & brand transformation shortly.

  • ANSWER:On the other hand, many brands are also looking for new ideas or innovations to implement on their existing products or services constantly, Of course, the purpose behind  is trying to find a new growth engine ; Nevertheless, the cruel truth is : most of time, they don’t have a systematic or logic way to find one. Jess is always looking for the answer regarding this challenge at all time. After a long period searching. Boom! He found a right answer; it’s the “Design Thinking” model which is introduced by IDEA and Stanford d.school since 2010.

  • BARRIER:Even though you know the right innovation thinking model, it doesn’t mean you will come out an effective result immediately. The reason behind is the hosts' background issue.  Jess has been joining many design thinking or service design workshops which are managed by a design background host. Jess found : a successful and solid service design workshop host had better have 3-in-1 backgrounds rather than just design background. Only through a 3-in-1 angle, it has a possibility to integrate the service design with digital tools seamlessly. Eventually, generate a practical business result.

  • GAPThe pity is : 95% of industry service design workshops are managed by the design background hosts. What’s the problem it may have ? Usually, the design process & result need to integrate with business experience and digital tools. Most of time, the workshop report has a WILD gap between ideal & reality . Frequently, even the audiences just know the theorem and it can’t be executed. Therefore, the workshops downgrade to  a kind of brainstorming activity

  • ACCUMULATIONJess has been working in global business environment and martech field for over 20 years, when does he have a chance to enter his first design dot? It can reverse back to year 2005. When he had a chance to execute a MP3 Player project with a famous British designer, Michael Young; After that, he also joined many local or international design thinking courses or projects, which are including: Design Thinking for Innovation course of Jeanne Liedtka in UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA ,  CX course of Michael Thompson in IE School、China Shanghai Buynow (2362.TW) 3C franchise stores' member CX optimization and ATEN International (6277.TW) official web usability enhancement. Those projects and courses trained Jess’s brain to get used to diagnose an issue from 3-in-1 angle; Other than that, all of the outputs are solid and feasible.

  • MISSIONJess keeps to make use of 3-in-1 angle to bring increditable value to a lot of brands. In 2020, because of the pandemic of COVID-19, Jess started to re-consider the meaning and significance of life and work. After a long pondering time, Jess decided to jump out of his comfort zone and enlarge the coverage of the successful innovation thinking model. He makes a new wish & mission which is to incubate more innovation seeds in the coming months.

  • ENERGYThis is a super huge 3-in-1 energy, the energy is not only an over 20,000 hours’ accumulation but also a integration among business intelligence, MarTech and design thinking. It’s also a process to transform the energy from private goods to public goods.  Jess also commits his next 2,000、5,000 even 10,000 hours to those enterprises or start-ups who are desired to know this model. Jess hopes those entities could be stimulated from outside and triggered more growth possibilities.  enhanced their visibility around the world finally.


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