​About JCXO

CXO = Customer Experience Optimization

​JCXO = Best Partner of Optimizing CX & Explore an Innovation of Future

  • Foodpanda changes people's eating behaviors | ZARA changes people's dressing behaviors


    Airbnb changes people's travel behaviors | Uber changes people's transportation behaviors


  • Coursera changes people's education behaviors | NETFLIX  changes people's entertainment behaviors

Are you curious how those unicorn start-ups find the recipe of innovation by changing CX ?

Here is the Answer:

Make use of service design architecture (Based on  IDEO "Design Thinking") &

find out a practical consultant like JCXO, this is an achievable target for every single enterprise 


Help brands to explore and dig out the Moment of Truth (MOT) &  Wow! that fitting customers' expectations,

Define product/service insights, realize innovation milestone,

adjust business model, double your revenue and customer satisfactions. 


About Jess


 Jess Wu  

 Senior  Consultant

- Jess focuses on Internet, MarTech & Service Design fields for over 20 years. He has the tremendous high level executives' experiences in a start-up company as well as a lot of listing global companies of Taiwan (Advantech , Clevo & ATEN) & USA(SUN Micro). 

- Jess is good at business innovation, Martech, data analytics and cross boarder ecommerce. During those periods he was working for global listing company, he was also in charge of global brand operations, the territories are including : Greater China, South East Asia, Europe, USA .

- Jess is also an author of a hot-selling digital marketing book in Taiwan, "Inbound Marketing".

- Jess is used to  analyze a business through 3 main angels : Business Intelligence, Martech and Design Thinking. This kind of fusion makes him to explore a business innovation and growth opportunity in a more diversified way.

- Now, Jess is a senior consultant(coach) of data analytics, ecommerce, Martech; In the same time, he is also good at coaching business innovation & service design.

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