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Can't find the real pain of the key customer? There's a Silo effect in the organization ? Zombie culture?


We understand all customers' related problems, Join JCXO CX design workshop, explore a new CX strategy, even expand to a new biz model.


JCXO could help you....

How to build a good eagle view of corp digital plan?

How to integrate a digital strategy with company's goal? 

360 degree full view to integrate Martech with corp goal & talents  seamlessly


JCXO could help you....

How to jump into the Global ecommerce Marketplaces

without conflicts ? Should I have a DTC or Amazon brand store?

A objective outsider view to help a corp to assess ecommerce adaptation, 4P combination.

JCXO could help you....


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Drop your ego, put yourself in customers' shoes ; optimize brand's service and business model by all means. 



A Corp Innovation = f (CX, BI, DT)

** CX: Customer Experience ; BI : Business Intelligence ;  DT : Data Technology

A marvelous business innovation needs to be guided

A fabulous product or service needs to be designed.


JCXO consultancy introduces a systematic and well organized service design(SD) methodology to 

co-create with in-house talents, the goal is to help corporate to look for customers' insights, then, come out an innovation and lift the customer experience(CX).

The approach is through a hands-on workshop to inject SD mindset into the whole organization and make SD become a regular daily operation. 

Read the global success cases or watch a "what & how-video". Even just contact us NOW easily!

Reserve a seat for future innovation and value upgrade!! 


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